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  1. Feb 19,  · How do you want to be remembered by your relatives and friends when you leave this earth? Surprisingly, more than two-thirds (69%) of Americans say they most want to be remembered for the memories.
  2. How do you want to be remembered? Creating a legacy plan that reflects your values and helps your family - financially and emotionally - is one of the best gifts you can give them. Use these tips to get started.
  3. I want to be remembered as one who helped others with compassion, humor and a listening ear. As a woman who was passionate about spirituality with occasional irreverence. A woman who was called to be a priest by Sophia in a patriarchic church; and who acted on that call living a life of service led by that Grace. 6.
  4. I want to be remembered for doing good stuff but also for being a strong confident woman who takes good care of herself. I try to live with integrity so I’m not remembered as a liar or cheater .
  5. Jul 05,  · The way you are remembered is based on how you behaved and what did while you were around. Think of our founding fathers. They had their faults, but their good outshines the bad. Now think of all the wars we’ve had.
  6. Jun 14,  · First of all I would like to be remembered as an individual with sound ethical values and principles and does not compromise them no matter what the circumstance may be. Also, fairness is a characteristic that I would love to be recognized for. Don't use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on.
  7. Jan 02,  · You need to think of what contribution you want to make to the world. To help guide you, ask questions like “what message do you want to send with your life to the world and to those who matter.
  8. Mar 09,  · For most of us, leaving a legacy is super important. Life is short, so making an impact on the world is our only chance to have lasting influence or importance. So how do you want to be remembered when you die? Check out our list for some of the top qualities and adjectives. We'v.
  9. Jul 07,  · Live the Way You Want to Be Remembered She brings out the best in others and makes them feel special. He always puts others’ needs ahead of his own. She practices her faith every day, not only on Sundays. He stands up for people who can’t stand up for themselves. She is fiercely patriotic — and.

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